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              發表日期:2013-12-24  作者:辰工科技技術部轉載











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              Congratulations to Our Products Won the Title of "Excellent Software Products in China"

              Publish Date: 2013-12-24  Author: Chengong Technology Department

              The old year is about to pass, and Chengong Technology will meet a new year. Warmly congratulate Chengong Well Testing Analysis System v6.0 on winning the Honorary title of "Excellent Software products in China". In the "2013 software product promotion activity" organized by the China Software Industry Association, our company independently developed "Chengong Well Testing Analysis System v6.0" repeatedly stand out and win the title of "2013 excellent software product" again, which has won the title of excellent software product of the year for three years continuously, and finally won the honorary title of "excellent software product of China". This is the highest recognition and encouragement given by the state to Chengong Science and Technology, and it is also the result of all the staff of our company United as one, dedicated and working together.

              Chen Gong well testing analysis system is developed by using standard Microsoft window software on the basis of fully absorbing the advantages of existing software domestic and abroad. The software collects more than 90000 kinds of solutions of partial differential equations in seepage mechanics and contains more than 90000 typical curve database. The detailed comparison and analysis with several mainstream well testing software abroad shows that the software has obvious advantages. In recent years, our company continues to carry out the research of numerical solution method, so that the software has been upgraded and improved, and the problems such as multiphase fluid, complex boundary, complex fault and complex well type (especially shale gas) horizontal well fracturing test and productivity evaluation have been well solved.

              The main new functions are as follows:

              Increasing coalbed methane, shale gas well testing analysis module.

              Increasing the varistor effect module in tight oil and gas reservoirs.

              The analysis of multi-stage fracturing can be realized by adding multi-stage fracturing test module of horizontal well.

              Grid division and calculation module of three types of fractures (longitudinal fracture, transverse fracture and arbitrary fracture) are added to the numerical well testing.

              Add 3D visualization function to numerical well testing to realize 3D real-time display of reservoir pressure, saturation and other calculation results.

              At present, the software has completely replaced the imported software and has been applied in PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC Oilfield. With the continuous upgrade and improvement of the version, the software has been well received by users. The research results have also won the first prize for scientific and technological progress in Anhui Province.

              Chengong Science and Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of petroleum software. Especially in recent years, the demand for petroleum software has gradually increased, and the lack of professional oil software companies has brought great difficulties to oil manufacturers. The company emerges as the times require, specializing in petroleum software development and service, at the same time, the technology is consistent with the latest development of international related theories, in order to ensure that the core technology remains at the international advanced level. At the same time, we should take this as the new starting line and create more brilliance for Chengong's tomorrow!

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